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2 Key Case Study Elements Guaranteed to Fill Your Sales Funnel



If a perfect prospect reads your case study but isn’t moved to act, your copywriter forgot two key motivators that make case studies work.


1st - The Hero’s Journey


There is not a single compelling story ever written that doesn’t go something like this:

  • Our soon-to-be hero gets a call to action - a problem to solve.

  • She is afraid and knows she needs guidance.

  • A mentor gives her something she needs.

  • The hero-to-be takes decisive action but meets resistance.

  • She overcomes and reaps a reward.

  • She returns to her former world changed and revered for winning.


Top copywriters know that every buyer wants to be a hero. They have a problem. They need guidance. But they ultimately want something deeper than the profitability or project success your product or service offers. 


They want things like colleague recognition; industry breakthroughs or accolades; job security; or professional advancement. These are what’s really at stake when they choose a product or service provider.


These are also among your real product benefits. The emotional triggers that get customers to call. The motivators that make the sale after you prove you can deliver on your promises. 


Top copywriters will use these deeper desires to position your company as the trusted mentor on your customer’s journey.


2nd - The Challenges of Implementation


Top copywriters also know that being a hero is hard work for your customers. They know that every hero’s journey includes the hard work of putting a solution in place, then managing and measuring it for success.


Top copywriters will include product or solution implementation challenges. They’ll use real examples to showcase your company’s grit and determination to invest in your customer success.


All prospective buyers want to know you’ll “have their back” if service or delivery snafus happen. Telling the truth and showing how you work through problems positions you as authentic. It makes anything else you say about your product or service much more believable.


You won’t see any case study sections labeled “journey” or “implementation”. But the next time you read a compelling case study, you’ll find these elements hiding in plain sight!

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